Maine Towns with Vital Records



Many original town vital records are now available to view free on the website. One must sign in to be able to view the images. Once signed in, bring up the drop-down menu “search”, select “catalog” and enter the name of the town you are searching for. The following listing shows towns and counties in Maine, many of which have been filmed and are now available on their website. Some were filmed but are not yet available to view on their website while others were never filmed. Those not filmed or unavailable online may be for records after 1896 or may have been lost due to fire or other damage to the original records. In the column entitled “Records Available”, I have indicated the years which were filmed and whether available online or not. Some records have been published and that information, when known, has been indicated in the appropriate columns. The published records may be available in many larger libraries. If a town’s records have been published in their entirety, no information has been given regarding film availability.
Marlene A. Groves

Updated 27 March 2018

Download File: Maine Towns Published.PDF

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    David York


    I am interested in locating a birth record for my ancestor, Edward S. York born about 1769, buried at Brighton Plantation Sep 1849.


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    I would like to know the parents of Caroline Hodsdon born-August 1808Berwick York Maine and married Erastus Ricker. They married in 1829 in Berwick and had a daughter Mary. In 1833 they had a son Thomas in Corinth Maine. she had more children and died in Corinth May 5th 1843. Erastus remarried hannah Odaway Bragdon later and continued haveing children. Erastus died in 1849 but my main intrest is Caroline Hodsdon. May have be
    Hogdon earlier. would like to know her parents names from Berwick Thank you


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