The Littlefield Genealogy: Descendants of Edmund Littlefield of Wells, Maine Through Six Generations (#87)

MGS Special Publication #87

By: Priscilla Eaton

Pages: 1062
ISBN: 978-1-949083-05-7
Original Publication Year: 2020
Every Name Index: 21,844 entries

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About The Book: Edmund Littlefield was a Great Migration immigrant from Titchfield, Hampshire, England. He came to America, probably in 1635, and by 1641 he was living in Wells, Maine, as one of the first settlers of that location. From his eight surviving children and at least fifty-seven grandchildren, he founded one of Maine’s most prolific families. In the comprehensive Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, four pages were devoted to the Littlefields, more than to any other family. It is the rare York County family today that does not have Littlefields in its background.

Perhaps because of their large numbers, the Littlefields have never been properly documented in print. Earlier accounts treat portions of the family, but errors abound in all of them.  In this massive two-volume work, Priscilla Eaton uses twenty-first-century genealogical tools to detail the first six generations of the family in America. Her research is supported by more than 8,000 references to primary records and sources. Many of the footnotes include detailed explanations of her genealogical conclusions, often exposing errors in previous works on the family. This work documents more than 3,200 of Edmund’s descendants, with the majority living in Maine, New Hampshire, southeastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Quebec. Female lines are included for one generation. Today, Littlefield descendants can be found throughout the United States.