Maine Families in 1790 VOL 10 (#58)

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MGS Special Publication #58

Edited By: Joseph Crook Anderson II, FASG
Pages: 784
Every Name Index: 17,575 entries
ISBN: 0-89725-507-0
Original Publication Year: 2009

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About The Book:
These volumes contain comprehensive 3-generation studies of families resident in Maine at the time of the 1790 census, complete with meticulous documentation and the addresses of the researchers who compiled the material. Volume 10 contains 140 families. Surnames in this volume include: Adams, Allen, Appleton, Austin, Bailey, Barton, Beard, Benjamin, Bennett, Berry, Blackwell, Blaisdell, Blish, Bonney, Boothby, Bosworth, Bowen, Bragg, Briggs, Brown, Came, Cammett, Campbell, Chapman, Clarke, Coolbroth, Conant, Cool, Crockett, Cummings, Cushman, Day, Deake, Delano, Delesdernier, Dexter, Dingley, Donnell, Drummond, Dunnell, Dyer, Eames, Elden, Emery, Eustis, Evans, Fenderson, Fish, Foster, Frink, Frost, Fuller, Getchell, Gibbs, Goodwin, Graffam, Gray, Green, Grinnell, Haley, Hamlin, Harnden, Har[t]ford, Hayford, Haines, Hilborn, Hoxie, Hussey, Jackson, Jennings, Jewell, Jordan, Kendall, Kimball, Kingsbury, landers, Litchfield, Lord, Lovejoy, Lowell, Mains, marston, merrill, Milliken, Mills, Moore, Morse, Motherwell, N[o]urse, Overlock, Paine, Parker, partridge, Pelton, Perkins, Phinney, Pierce, Plummer, Preble, Pride, Rand, Reed, Ring, Robinson, Russ, Ryan, Sanford, Savage, Shaw, Sheldon, Skinner, Smith, Snell, Soule, Spaulding, Spring, Springer, Stackpole, Stinson, Sturtevant, Sylvester, Taylor, Thompson, Thwing, Tobey, Town[e], Trim, Tucker, Turner, Wade, Walker, Ware, Warren, White, Whitney, Whitten, Williams, Winter, Wyer and Young


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