Maine Families in 1790 VOL 6 (#31)

MGS Special Publication #31

Edited By: Joseph Crook Anderson II, CG
Pages: 608
Every Name Index: 14,291 entries
ISBN: 0-89725-361-2
Original Publication Year: 1998

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About The Book: So you think you know Maine? The Maine Families in 1790 series may well be just what you need. These volumes contain comprehensive 3-generation studies of families resident in Maine at the time of the 1790 census, complete with meticulous documentation and the addresses of the researchers who compiled the material. Ruth Gray has gained great acclaim for her skillful editing and stringent quality control for volumes 1-3, as has her co-editor of Volume 3, Joseph C. Anderson II, who, along with Lois Thurston, is editor of Volume 4. Volumes 5 and 6 have been edited solely by Joseph C. Anderson II. Of the 17,098 families resident in Maine in 1790, 412 were covered in Volume 1; 408 in Vol. 2; 382 in Vol. 3; 225 in Vol. 4; 191 in Vol. 5 and 211 in Vol. 6 for a total of 1,826; covering just over 11% of families in Maine in 1790, and touching on perhaps 35% of the total population. The usual meticulous and comprehensive Every Name Indexes for which Picton Press publications are so well known bring the contents to your fingertips. There are 16,285 entries in Vol. 1; 18,049 in Vol. 2; 17,936 in Vol. 3; 12,115 in Vol. 4; 11,024 in Vol. 5 and 14,291 in Vol. 6 for a massive total of 89,700 entries. Maine’s entire 1790 census population was only 96,540!