Vital Records of Boothbay and Southport, Maine (#80)

MGS Special Publication #80 (Vital Records of Boothbay and Southport, Maine) Compiled By: Marlene A. Groves Pages: 864 ISBN: 978-0-9965698-8-0 Original Publication Year: 2018 Every Name Index: 30,512 entries Non-Member Price: $50 Member Price: $40 About The Book: The town of Boothbay is located on the coast of Maine in Lincoln County and is approximately 57 miles northeast of Portland by automobile. Early settlements were destroyed twice during the King Philip’s War and King William’s War and not permanently established again until around 1729. The town of Boothbay was incorporated 3 Nov. 1764 as the 17th town in Maine. On 12 Feb. 1842 part of Boothbay was set off to form the town of Townsend as the 355th town in Maine. The name of the town of Townsend was changed to Southport on 12 June 1850. On 16 Feb. 1889 another portion of Boothbay was set off and incorporated as Boothbay Harbor and the 452nd town in Maine. Boothbay’s population rose from 997 according to the 1790 federal census to a high point of 3,575 in 1880 and dropping to 1,718 residents in 1890. This would have been just after Boothbay Harbor was set off as a separate town. When the town of Southport was set off from Boothbay in 1842, Southport’s census in 1850 showed a  population of 543. The population of Southport peaked at the time of the next census in 1860 with 709 residents.