Vital Records of Bowdoinham, Maine (#84)

MGS Special Publication #84 Compiled By: Marlene Groves Pages: 800 ISBN: 978-1-949083-02-6 Original Publication Year: 2019 Every Name Index: 27,403 entries Non Member Price: $50 Member Price: $40 About The Book: The town of Bowdoinham is located in Sagadahoc County and situated on the west bank of the Kennebec River on Merrymeeting Bay. The region was settled early, but conflicts with the Native American tribes for several years prevented a permanent settlement. It was not until after Dummer’s Treaty of 1725 that peace was restored and settlers began to return to the area. The town was incorporated on 18 September 1762 as the 14th town in Maine. In 1787 a portion of the town was set off to form the town of Topsham. In 1823 another portion of the town was set off to form the town of Richmond. According to the 1790 census the population of Bowdoinham was 455, rising to a high of 2,402 in 1840 and declining after that to a low of 904 in 1930.