Vital Records of Canton, Maine (#82)

MGS Special Publication #82

Compiled by Gregory S. Childs
Pages: 448
Every Name Index:  11,218
ISBN: 9781949083002
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018947275
Original Publication: July 2018

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About the Book

The town of Canton, Maine is located on the Androscoggin River in Oxford County and is the easternmost town of that county. The area comprising the towns of Canton and Jay had been granted by the Massachusetts General Court in 1771 to Captain Joseph Phipps and 63 other soldiers for service during the French and Indian War, and the grant became known as Phipps-Canada. Settlement began in the early 1790s, and Phipps- Canada was incorporated as the town of Jay in 1795. On 5 February 1821, the southwesterly section of Jay, approximately one-third of the entire town, was set off and incorporated as the 241st town in Maine and named Canton, after Canton, Massachusetts.

These newly found records were never microfilmed.