Vital Records of Enfield and Greenbush, Maine (#85)

MGS Special Publication #85

Compiled By: Deborah K. Nowers
ISBN: 978-1-949083-03-3
Original Publication Year: 2019
Every Name Index: 5,170 entries

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About The Book:
The towns of Enfield and Greenbush are located along the Penobscot River north of Bangor in the county of Penobscot and state of Maine. Enfield is on the old military road and also on the European & North American Railway. The first settlers were from further south on the river from the town of Bangor and westward from Bucksfield in Oxford County. The first settler, John Wood, settled by 1820, soon followed by Joseph Treat in 1821. The Treat Grant of 5,000 acres of woodland lay in the south part of the present town. North of it was Township No. 1 consisting of
10,000 acres. On January 31, 1835, the two tracts were combined to form the town of Enfield.

Greenbush is located south of Enfield and is separated by the town of Passadumkeag. It is on the east side of the Penobscot River eleven miles from Bangor at the nearest corner. It was first settled by Europeans about 1820, and by 1834 the tract had enough population to justify formation of a town. It was incorporated on 28 February of that year.

Additionally, The Justice of Peace records from Aaron Haynes were transcribed from microfilm #1573542 obtained from the Family History Library. He served in Passadumkeag, a town between Enfield and Greenbush, and a number of the marriages that he recorded are for individuals in those towns.d