Vital Records of Greenville & Shirley (#83)

MGS Special Publication #83

Compiled by Marlene A. Groves
Pages: 170
Every Name Index:  3,342
ISBN: 978-1-949083-01-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018912726
Original Publication: Nov 2018

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About the Book

The towns of Greenville and Shirley are located on the southwestern edge of Piscataquis County in the state of Maine.

The town of Greenville is bordered by the lower western part of Moosehead Lake, the largest lake in Maine, with the town of Shirley lying just to the south of Greenville. First called T9 R10 NWP (or Township 9, Range 10, North of the Waldo Patent), the land was granted about 1812 by the Massachusetts General Court to Thornton Academy in Saco. Nathaniel Haskell, of Westbrook, who was the first settler, purchased the Academy Grant and moved his family into a completed house in 1827. The town was first organized in 1831 as Haskell and later incorporated as the town of Greenville on 6 Feb. 1836 as the 329th town in Maine.

The town of Shirley was originally part of Bingham’s Kennebec Purchase, later being purchased in 1829 by Mr. Shaw and Mr. Jabez True. It was first known as Trues Town and incorporated as the town of Shirley on 4 March 1834 as the 318th town in Maine.