Vital Records of Islesboro, Maine (#34)

MGS Special Publication #34

Compiled By: Marlene Alma Hinkley Groves, CG
Pages: 544
Original Publication Year: 2000
Every Name Index:  Estimated 18,000 entries
Non-Member Price: $45
Member Price: $35

About the Book

Islesboro, Waldo County, Maine is located on Penobscot Bay about ten miles southeast of Belfast and was formerly called Long Island. Islesboro has had a long and interesting history from its first settlement by Europeans in 1764 until the present day. The earliest recorded birth record found is that of Vinson Elwell on July 14, 1768, son of William Elwell.

These records were microfilmed by a private company several years ago, but until now have never been made available to the public. Through the generosity of the town, Picton Press was allowed to make copies of these microfilms so Marlene Groves could extract the data from them.

Along with the family records of births and deaths are marriage intentions beginning in 1813 as well as marriage records beginning as early as 1789. Records of cattle marks are included along with several pages of recorded documents such as Bills of Sale, Mortgages of Personal Estate, Attachments, etc. and several lists of residents eligible for the militia between 1880 and 1907. Another plus is the addition of census records from 1790 up to and including 1910, except for the 1890 census, which no longer exists, and direct tax lists for 1798 and 1815. All of the vital records have been copied verbatim with no corrections made even when misspellings were obvious. The intent has been to record all of the town’s vital records which exist prior to the year 1892. Since some town books containing these earlier records also included newer data, such as the recorded documents of Bills of Sale, etc. and the lists of men eligible for the militia, this additional material has been included as well.

If your research includes the town of Islesboro, this book is for you. Without these printed records, a trip to the island would be necessary on a short ferry boat ride (although it is a beautiful trip in the summer months) in order to research the records.

We are grateful to Marlene for all her work in extracting these valuable records and making them readily available to the researcher.