Volume 38 Number 1 February 2016

William Briggs of Tauton, Walpole, and Stoughton, Massachusetts, and Augusta, Maine, and his Children by Eben W. Graves and Norman D. Eaton * Fallen into Distress: The Treatment of Paupers in Maine Towns in the Nineteenth Century by Sally Furber Nelson * Marital Reconciliation? contributed by Michael F. Dwyer * Caring For The Poor, South Berwick, Maine 1814-1880 by Ralph Wadleigh Jr. * The Windham, Maine, Almshouse Rules by Carol Prescott McCoy * “Inhabitants Of Your Town Have Become Charegable In This City As Paupers” The Family of Sylvia (Drew) (Hersey) *Ash) Severance by Joseph C. Anderson