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The Maine Genealogical Society (MGS) has an extremely active publishing program.  A membership newsletter is published quarterly, as is The Maine Genealogist, our scholarly journal.  Both are sent to members as soon as available. In addition, the Society has a published a collection of more than 90 Special Publications over the last several years.  We are very proud of our publications program and believe them to be a significant contribution to the study of Maine genealogy and history. More information on our major series can be found below.

A complete listing of Vital Records publications is available below in our Online Store, and in the MGS Booklist with a mail-order form. Books are shipped via USPS (Post Office).

Listing of all Maine Genealogical Society Publications published from 1985 through June 2022: MGS Special Publications List.

Lincoln County, Maine, Master Index to Deeds in Volumes 1-100 (#90)

$35.00 each

Compiled By: Marlene A. Groves
Edited By: Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG, and Gregory S. Childs
Size: 8½ x 11 inches
Pages: vi + 730
ISBN: 978-1-949083-10-1
Original Publication Year: 2021
Non Member Price: $35
Member Price: $30
About the Book
Anyone who has conducted research in the Lincoln County, Maine, deeds is familiar with the problem. The online indexes are exceedingly difficult to use.
Each deed volume has its own index, with the entries grouped by the first letter of the surname. While all of the A-surname entries are grouped together—as are all of the B-surnames, etc.—the names are listed in page order, not alphabetically. Finding the deeds for any person therefore requires searching through all of the indexes under the first letter of the surname. For someone who was party to many deeds over a long period, a researcher might need to search through hundreds of pages of index entries to find all of the deeds.
This new resource from MGS solves this problem, offering a properly  alphabetized name index for the first 100 volumes of Lincoln Co. deeds. Combining all of the names into one alphabetized list (and specifying whether grantee or grantor and the type of instrument), this index contains 88,000 entries, sorted by surname, then given name, then volume & page, making it a simple matter to find all of the deeds (available online at for any individual.


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