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The Maine Genealogist, May 2004The Maine Genealogist is the quarterly scholarly journal of the MGS, with a particular focus on well-documented family studies or instructional articles emphasizing problem-solving and research techniques. It is published in February, May, August, and November each year. For more information about The Maine Genealogist, including submission guidelines, click here. Back issues of The Maine Genealogist are available through our online store.

Volume 38 Number 1 February 2016

Volume 38 Number 1 February 2016
$2.50 each

William Briggs of Tauton, Walpole, and Stoughton, Massachusetts, and Augusta, Maine, and his Children by Eben W. Graves and Norman D. Eaton * Fallen into Distress: The Treatment of Paupers in Maine Towns in the Nineteenth Century by Sally Furber Nelson * Marital Reconciliation? contributed by Michael F. Dwyer * Caring For The Poor, South Berwick, Maine 1814-1880 by Ralph Wadleigh Jr. * The Windham, Maine, Almshouse Rules by Carol Prescott McCoy * “Inhabitants Of Your Town Have Become Charegable In This City As Paupers” The Family of Sylvia (Drew) (Hersey) *Ash) Severance by Joseph C. Anderson


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