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Vital Records of ThomastonOur Vital Records series includes data from early town records as transcribed from images of original documents. Births, Deaths, and Marriages are just some of the records that have been transcribed as part of this collection. Also included in some books are early church records, warnings out, cattle marks, town meeting information and disputes between neighbors.  There is a wealth of information in town vital records and we're extremely proud to be able to share this information with the masses.
As with the Maine Families series, Vital Records books are transcribed by volunteers willing to share their time and passion for Maine genealogical research with others.
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Vital Records of Thomaston Maine (#40)

Vital Records of Thomaston Maine (#40)
$60.00 each

MGS Special Publication #40

Compiled By: Marlene A. Groves, CG
Pages: 768
Original Publication Year: 2003
Every Name Index: 28,749 entries

Non-Member Price: $60
Member Price: $50

About The Book:
Thomaston’s records are quite old, with many records of birth as early as the mid-1700s, although settlement of the town did not occur until a bit later.  The earliest family records often contain a great deal of information about the parents, showing when and where they were born and married and often when they came to the area.  Delayed records of birth have been included as well.  Many deaths of family members are recorded in the family registers, with some after the year 1892.  The earliest record of marriage intentions in Thomaston is dated May 9, 1777, and until 1841 these were recorded in the books of town records.  Intermingled with the records of town meetings are marriage intentions, marriage records, family births, sheep and cattle marks, some warnings out and even deeds for church pews.  Marlene has extracted these vital records from the town meeting records.
This book will make a fine companion to the Vital Records of Rockland, Maine and the Vital Records of SouthThomaston, Maine, especially so since the records in this book pertain to families which later resided in either Rockland or South Thomaston, following the 1848 separation date.

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#23 VITAL RECORDS FROM THE THOMASTON RECORDER OF THOMASTON, MAINE 1837 to 1846. Ed. by Steven Edward Sullivan. 128pp. 3,007 entry Every Name Index. 1995. Retail $24. MGS member price $18.
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