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Vital Records of ThomastonOur Vital Records series includes data from early town records as transcribed from images of original documents. Births, Deaths, and Marriages are just some of the records that have been transcribed as part of this collection. Also included in some books are early church records, warnings out, cattle marks, town meeting information and disputes between neighbors.  There is a wealth of information in town vital records and we're extremely proud to be able to share this information with the masses.
As with the Maine Families series, Vital Records books are transcribed by volunteers willing to share their time and passion for Maine genealogical research with others.
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Vital Records From The Thomaston Recorder of Thomaston Maine 1837-1846 (#23)

Vital Records From The Thomaston Recorder of Thomaston Maine 1837-1846 (#23)
$24.00 each

MGS Special Publication #23

Compiled By: Steven Edward Sullivan
Pages: 128 ISBN: 0-89725-237-3
Original Publication Year: 1995
Every Name Index: 3,007 entries

Non Member Price: $24
Member Price: $18

About The Book: All vital records published in the entire lifespan, 1837-1846, of the Thomaston Recorder are transcribed here, offering a wonderful window into the life of mid-19th century Knox County, Maine. Regional newspapers now are being recognized as wonderful sources for that elusive genealogical combination – data and flavor. Here you will find in compact form both much of the data you seek on mid-coast Maine residents of that period, and also some of the flavor of day-to-day life. The Thomaston Recorder covered all of Knox Co and well beyond. The paper only lasted these years 1837-1846. A quick glance shows reports also from Castine, Eastport, Montville, Waldoboro, Union, Nobleboro, Farmington, Mt Desert, and local people dying while away. It has much more colorful and detailed descriptions than regular vital records ie, 17 Dec 1840 issue: “Deaths. A child of Mr S M Robby of Castine, Aged 3 years, was so dredfully burned on the 25th, by its cotton clothing taken fire, that it died in about one hour afterward. It had been left alone while its mother was getting a pail of water.” GET THIS BOOK FREE while they last, when you purchase: #40 VITAL RECORDS OF THOMASTON, MAINE. Compiled by Marlene A. Groves, CG. 768pp. 28,749 entry Every Name Index. 2003. Retail $60. MGS member price $50. Provide MGS member # to get the member price. Tax or shipping on Thomaston VR only.


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