The Maine Genealogical Society (MGS) has an extremely active publishing program.  A membership newsletter is published quarterly, as is The Maine Genealogist, our scholarly journal.  Both are sent to members as soon as available. In addition, the Society has a published a collection of more than 80 Special Publications over the last several years.  We are very proud of our publications program and believe them to be a significant contribution to the study of Maine genealogy and history. More information on our major series can be found below.

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Listing of all Maine Genealogical Society Publications published from 1985 through July 2019: MGS Special Publications List.

The Maine Genealogist

The Maine Genealogist, May 2004


The Maine Genealogist is the quarterly scholarly journal of the MGS, with a particular focus on well-documented family studies or instructional articles emphasizing problem-solving and research techniques.  It is published in February, May, August, and November each year.

For more information about The Maine Genealogist, including submission guidelines, click here.

Back issues of The Maine Genealogist are available through our online store.  For a listing of back issues available for purchase, click here.


Maine Families in 1790

The goal of the Maine Families in 1790 series is to document all of the families living in Maine at the time of the 1790 census. The intent is to establish these families through accurate and well-documented summaries, providing a basis for further research.

To date, eleven volumes have been published and these document nearly 2,900 families living in Maine in 1790. Not only has Maine Families in 1790 become one of the first sources to consult for Maine genealogical research, it has also allowed researchers to get in touch with the other persons working on the same families since the names of all submitters are published. Maine Families in 1790 is a project in which ALL Maine genealogists are encouraged are participate and share information.

Learn more about Maine Families in 1790, including how you can contribute by clicking here.

 Vital Records of …

Vital Records of ThomastonOur Vital Records series includes data from early town records as transcribed from images of original documents. Births, Deaths, and Marriages are just some of the records that have been transcribed as part of this collection. Also included in some books are early church records, warnings out, cattle marks, town meeting information and disputes between neighbors.  There is a wealth of information in town vital records and we’re extremely proud to be able to share this information with the masses.

As with the Maine Families series, Vital Records books are transcribed by volunteers willing to share their time and passion for Maine genealogical research with others.

For more information on how you can help us add to the many volumes of Vital Records already published, click here.