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Submission of Family Sketches

Maine Genealogical Society is now accepting families for the next volume.

Submissions of families may be made in any format, but please include as much of the following information listed below as possible. Please cite your sources and include photocopies of your sources with your submission.

  1. 1790 Census Information – as enumerated on the printed census including (a) name of the head-of-household, (b) page and column number, (c) household statistics, and (d) name of town and county of residence in 1790.
  2. Head of Household – name, place and date of birth, parents’ names (include documentation for the mother’s maiden name), place and date of death, place and date of marriage.
  3. Spouse(s) of Head of Household – name, place and date of birth, parents’ names (include documentation for the mother’s maiden name), place and date of death.
  4. Biographical Information on the Family – At least two or three sentences are requested, although longer accounts are acceptable. Information in this section might include occupations, places of residences, civil or military service, persons mentioned in probate or land records, discussion of research problems, and anything else of particular interest regarding the family.
  5. List of Children – with dates and places of birth, death and marriage; names of spouses with their dates and places of birth and death and names of parents (including documentation for the mothers’ maiden names).

It is recognized that all the facts listed above will not be found for every family. However, a conscientious effort should be made to locate as much of this information as is available in original (particularly deeds, probates and town vital records) and reliable published sources for the area and family in question.

Every fact must be cited to the source where the information is found. Primary sources should be sought wherever possible. Citations to primary sources should include the repository where the record was found, volume/page numbers, record numbers or file numbers as applicable. A manuscript or typescript source should state the repository where it is found and should be cited exactly as given in the card catalog including author, date, and page number. Published sources should include the author, the exact name of the book, date of publication, and page number. Please include photocopies of your sources with your submissions. See a sample in one of our more recent volumes for an example of the format, level of information, and documentation requested.

For more information, please write to the editor. Submissions of families may be sent directly to the editor. Receipt will be promptly acknowledged in writing.

Mail to: Joseph C. Anderson II, FASG, Editor, Maine Families in 1790 5337 Del Roy Drive Dallas TX 75229-3016

Standards for Sound Genealogical Research Always follow accepted standards for your genealogical research. We recommend a review of these standards as recommended by the National Genealogical Society.

Master Index

We have compiled an index of the Heads of Household for sketches included in Maine Families in 1790, volumes 1-12.

View the Master Index of Volumes 1-12

Addendum Index

Many of our 1790 volumes have an addendum at the end with known corrections or additions, often overlooked. We have created an Addendum Index to help easily locate these updated/enhanced sketches. Please take a moment to ensure you aren’t missing some new information on your family.

View the Addendum Index

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