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Welcome! The Wassebec Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society, is dedicated to preserving the heritage and roots of Piscataquis County. The Chapter promotes the preservation of genealogical data and, through its outreach and educational activities, encourages a love of genealogy.

The Society is open to all with an interest in Piscataquis County or genealogy in general and welcomes visitors to its meetings and programs.

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For more information about meetings and other events sponsored by our chapter, see the “Upcoming Events” page.

About Us

Piscataquis is Maine’s second largest county and was incorporated in 1838.  It was set off from Penobscot County and a small portion of Somerset County.  It has been called the “County of the Lakes” in honor of the beauty of its many ponds,  lakes, streams and rivers.  The people of Piscataquis County came from across the globe including England, Wales, France, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Italy, and Lithuania to name a few.

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Article I – Name

The name of this society shall be Wassebec Genealogical Society, a chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society.

Article II – Purpose

The purposes of the chapter are to collect, exchange, preserve, and publish genealogical records, related documents and information, and to promote and encourage interest and scholarship in genealogy and family history in Piscataquis County and neighboring communities. These purposes are limited to those specified in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

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In addition to our bi-monthly meetings, members of our Society also receive Wassebec Roots & Branches, our Society’s newsletter.  The newsletter is mailed to members’ homes prior to each bi-monthly meeting.

We invite you to join Wassebec Genealgoical Society.  Our dues are only $10.00 per year per family.  If you would like to join our society, please print this page and send your dues (together with your contact infrormation) to our Treasurer/Membership Secretary at our Postal Address.

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Research Help

Feel free to contact the various historical societies in Piscataquis County:

Barnard Historical Society, c/o David Dow, RFD 1, Box 5600, Brownville ME  04414

Brownville Historical Society, PO Box 750, Brownville ME  04414

Dover-Foxcroft Historical Society, visit their website at

Guilford Historical Society, PO Box 893, Guilford ME  04443

Milo Historical Society, visit their website at

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To add your query, send us an e-mail at 

We will leave the queries up for four months then take them down. They will be saved to hard copy so we can look back at them.  Please understand that your queries are very important to us and we will keep trying to find you the information you are looking for.


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