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Welcome to the Taconnett Falls Genealogical Society website. Our purpose is to provide a suitable location for the collection, preservation, and use of our genealogical materials. Our desire is to stimulate interest in genealogy and assist any individual in the compilation of their personal genealogies and histories. Chapter meetings will be conducted monthly that will provide informative and helpful information from invited guest speakers and members.

Our Library

10 Lithgow St
Winslow, ME

Open Wednesdays & Saturdays 1-4pm
Programs and Business Meetings 3rd Sunday of each month@2pm

Taconnett Falls LibraryCurrently, the Tacconnett Falls Genealogy Library has over 260 linear feet of genealogical books and records on the shelves in the main room of the building with a total available space of about 308 linear feet. Another nearly 100 linear feet of shelf space is used in the center room. New books, records, and other resources are continually being added to this vast collection. Donations from private individuals are welcome.

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Membership to the Taconnett Falls Genealogical Society is open to the general public. Our dues are only $10.00 per year and include our monthly newsletter which is sent via e-mail. Newsletters are sent snail-mail for those who do not have internet services. The annual period of membership is from January 1 to December 31

Members are asked to share their own 5-generation pedigree charts which are added to the Chapter’s Pedigree Notebook
Members of the Taconnett Falls chapter of the Maine Genealogical Society do NOT need to belong to our parent organization to join us. Similarly, membership in our organization does not automatically enroll you in membership to the Maine Genealogical Society.

Guests are welcome at any time and are encouraged to join our chapter.


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