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Clayton Rand Adams Memorial Award Introduced

Maine Genealogical Society proudly introduced the Clayton Rand Adams Memorial Award at its Annual Conference held in Bangor, Maine, on September 26, 2009. The award was introduced by MGS President Dale W. Mower with the following comments:

As many of you know, MGS lost a true friend back in December, 2008.

Clayton Rand Adams served for many years as president of MGS, he was the driving force in helping shape the Society as we know it today.

Clayton’s dedication to genealogical research and publication extended far beyond documentation of his own family lines. As an enthusiastic member of MGS he served as its director for several years, president for 11 years, and a contributing editor to the society’s journal. He wrote prodigiously for all of the Society’s publications, including nearly 190 family histories appearing in the Maine Families in 1790 series.

I had the pleasure of serving on the Executive Committee with Clayton for a couple of years. He extended a warm welcome to me onto that committee. I must say that I was a little in awe of the man. He was outspoken and witty. He encouraged so many of us to participate in whatever small way we can to help make the Society better.

When he stepped down as President, he indeed left big shoes to fill. I’ve tried, but I ain’t been able to do it yet!

This award will be presented at the Executive Committee’s pleasure and will be used to recognize individuals whose contribution to the Society and the community are truly significant. It will recognize those individuals whose outstanding achievement, leadership, ingenuity and superior performance set a model for all of us to emulate.

Clayton set the standard for this award and it is with honor that we announce the “Clayton Rand Adams Memorial Award.”


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