Maine Genealogical Society



This organization shall be known as the Pejepscot Genealogical Society.


The purposes of the Society are to collect, exchange and preserve written and oral genealogical records and related historical information and to encourage and assist the study of genealogy and family history.


Membership shall be open to all those interested in genealogy and family history who have paid the appropriate dues.

All Members have the right to attend meetings, to vote at meetings, to hold office and to serve on society committees.

The amount of dues may change at any meeting on the vote of two thirds of the members present.

Dues are payable at the September meeting and may be paid in person or by mail to the Treasurer.


The officers of the Society shall be: President, Vice President, Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer and Program Director.

The President shall preside at all Society meetings and shall server ex-officio on such committees as the Society may create.

In the absense of the President, his duties shall be assumed by the Vice-President.  In the absence of both of the for-going their duties shall be assumed by the Secretary.

The Secretary shall prepare and preserve minutes of the transaction for the Society.  The Corresponding Secretary shall keep copies of all correspondence sent or received by the Society.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for all Society funds.  The Treasurer shall give a financial report at each meeting and the books of the Society shall be available at all times for inspection by the officers.

The Program Director will work with the Executive Committee to secure programs for the monthly meetings.  Honorariums may be given at the discretion of the Program Director for speaker fees.

Terms of office of all elected officers shall be for one year, commencing July 1 and ending June 30.

Nominations for election to office shall be made by the Nominating Committee at the last monthly meeting prior to the annual meeting.  The Nominating Committee will solicit potential candidates from among the membership.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected officers of the Society and shall have the power to act on matters that require attention before the next regular Society meeting. It will also act as a Nominating Committee prior to the annual election of officers.

Other committees may be created by a motion from the floor duly seconded and voted by a majority of the members present of by appointment by the President.


Meetings will be help from September through June on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 p.m. at the appropriate location, except for May when the meeting will be held on the first Sunday to avoid conflicting with Mother’s Day activities.

The date of a specific meeting may be changed by a majority vote of members present at the prior meeting.

The order of business at each meeting shall be as follows:
Call to order
Approval of minutes of the last meeting
Treasurer’s Report
Report of Officers
Committee Reports including reports from such other organizations as may be represented
Old Business
Elections When Required
New Business
Sharing Genealogy Problems

The annual meeting will be held in May of each year.


The fiscal year to be July 1st through June 30th. All monies received by the Society shall be added to the General Fund.  Disbursements for expenses shall be made from the General Fund on motion duly made and seconded and approved by a majority of members present.


Amendments to these By-Laws may be made at any regular meeting by a two thirds vote of the members present.  Notice of any proposed amendment must have been made available to each member at least fifteen days prior to the meeting.


In the event of the dissolution of the Pejepscot Genealogical Society all assets of whatever kind remaining after payment of all Society debts and liabilities shall be transformed to the Maine Genealogical Society.

Chartered 18 May 1986
Amended February 2003
Amended May 2005
Amended May 2006
Amended December 2008


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