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Surnames Being Researched

Maxine R. Brown -
Brown from New Brunswick, MA & ME and Fletcher, Ferguson & Frazier from New Brunswick & ME

Cheryl Willis Patten -
Frederic(ck)(cks), Farrand as well as Starks, ME

Joanne Page -
Russell, Follett, Lancaster, Longley

Melanie Farmer -
Stockbridge, Judkins, Morse, Richardson, Bernier, Marquis, Labrecque, Roy, Lis

Raymond T. Wing -
Wing, Sanborn, also early settlers of Embden, ME

Flossie Harnden Dere -
Dere Harnden, Masterman, Buker, Carleton and families living in Avon, Phillips and Weld

Jim King -
Burr, Kirby, Soule, King, and Flaherty

Deb Probert -
Tripp, Sturtevant, Hollis, Fogg, Leavitt


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