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Links Related to Piscataquis County:

  • Dexter Historical Society

    Abbott Museum, 12 Church Street, Dexter, ME  04930

    (207) 924-5721


 Abbot Library (Dexter) Obituary Database – Correct, Dexter is not in Piscataquis County, but this site has a well-indexed obituary index mostly drawn from the Eastern Gazette, with many items of interest for those researching southern Piscataquis County.

Links Related to Maine that extend beyond Piscataquis County borders:

Maine State Archives

Bangor Public Library

Maine Old Cemetery Association

Links to our Members’ Websites:

The Mower Family and Genealogical Wanderings of Dale W. Mower Dale W. Mower

Links to Maine Genealogical Society and its’ Chapters:

Maine Genealogical Society

Other Chapters of the Maine Genealogical Society


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