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In addition to our bi-monthly meetings, members of our Society also receive Wassebec Roots & Branches, our Society’s newsletter.  The newsletter is mailed to members’ homes prior to each bi-monthly meeting.

We invite you to join Wassebec Genealgoical Society.  Our dues are only $10.00 per year per family.  If you would like to join our society, please print this page and send your dues (together with your contact infrormation) to our Treasurer/Membership Secretary at our Postal Address.

Membership Application and Donation Form

Mailing Address: 
Annual Dues ($10.00 per person): $
Donation: $
Total Amount Enclosed:  $

Please make checks payable to “Wassebec Genealogical Society”

Membership dues cover the period September – September. An allowance will be made for those joining mid-year.
For more information or questions, visit our Contact Us page.


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